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2013-05-19 00:31:14 by Sol

After months of uploading Savior of Love it's finally going around the internet. :)


2013-05-11 02:29:59 by Sol

People keep asking me how to make melodies like I do...

Well, usually the easiest way is to follow a bass line...

When following a bass line, you are wanting to use the right notes, but a bass line gives you some kind of pattern that makes your mind work with it.

When you feel a emotional bass line, start pressing keys on the piano, and attempt to make a beat...Once you've done that, make a pattern (make the pitch go up or down with the bass line)

This is one of the easiest ways...

Another way is to make a chord pattern, make the chord pattern play 4 whole notes, and then just feel emotion between them... Usually your mind searches for keys that would sound good...Really, your mind is doing all of the work. JUST MAKE SURE YOU FEEL IT IN YOUR HEART! CHORDS ARE KNOWN TO SET UP THE EMOTIONS IN THE MELODIES!!! WITHOUT CHORDS, MELODIES WOULD HAVE TO BE MELODIC TO EITHER GET A EARS ATTENTION!

Chords are also setting styles into the melody, so if a melody is sad, chords could make the melody more soothing, more peaceful so that ear will understand. Your ear kind of reads the melody and chords(they're very important!)

Another way is making a chord pattern, and just using notes in the chords to make a melody...THIS IS ALSO A VERY, VERY, VERY EASY WAY!

Sorry but I must!

2013-05-05 04:24:20 by Sol

Rap is not technically music, before yelling at is why.

Music are a variety of instruments using to make a full unique sound to make a song. When you rap without the background music (that isn't really needed) you will not have'll have a annoying talking voice. However, singing is music because you can sing a melody, but you can't directly talk one.

Raping is poetry, but without a melody... Singing is poetry, and you have a melody to sing with it. It's very easy to rap if you're a singer (since you can rhyme in rhythm just like rap). Rap isn't original like what music can be. Rap should not be called music, it should only be called rap, for music doesn't have much to do with rap. Rap should ONLY be called RAP! (repeated).

It's more confused into music because people think that Rap is hard...but compared to music, rap is super easy. You have verses to right musically and lyrically, and also, you need a chorus and you sing it, which is difficult compared to rapping.

These are my points, attempt to tell me wrong.


2013-03-31 00:58:10 by Sol

Learned how to read piano notes...yep! One day is all it took.


New look!

2013-02-08 21:08:17 by Sol

Getting my hair done this sunday!

My hair color will be black with red highlights! Can't way, I will post up a new picture soon~

(imagine me with black hair and red highlights!<3)

New look!

Hello Fans!

2013-02-08 14:36:13 by Sol

Working on my recording studio song: It's Just The Way (FMBL Recording Studio).

Working on my FIRST album, and it will be amazing! Wish me luck! :)

I can't wait to be done with it, and show you all! Previews of song albums will be posted. I'm looking for a Hands-Up producer, I want a legit hands-up track for my song, "I have a song", if you are a good hands-up producer (meaning, you are like Bounc3) then PM me! :) I will give you all the midis you need.

Hello Fans!