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UTAUoids and Vocloids?

2013-09-22 22:24:32 by Sol

Don't use it when you're trying to be serious. It should just be for good fun, something to make people smile at a cute robotic voice. Honestly, if you want to sing, just train your voice. Perfect pitch is a memory game. You can remember a song perfectly in pitch if you practice it long enough. Just don't use an oid. It's like musical aids. xD

Some people do it for internet-fame, but all in all...don't do it. If you're doing music for fame, then you'll just fall like a lot of people do. People who are famous in music love people hearing their music, but they work hard for that. When you're going the easy route, it's a slap to the face to the -serious- folks. So, please, don't use it. It's not a natural thing to do anyways.


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2013-09-22 23:50:51

Or they cant be bothered to try singing or find a singer

Sol responds:

And there's billions of people on the internet every day, more than millions or even a billion of them are great singers.


More fans.
More good reviews.
More likes on YouTube.
And less work (depending on their pitch but still easier than both of these things that only makes words connection vowels and stuff like that).


2013-09-23 12:07:07

Vocaloids? Aren't those completely artificial singers? I've been thinking a similar thing though, listening to songs on the radio and comparing artists like Adele and eh... that... I don't even rem... oh, Miley Cyrus. What a difference, not just in the lyrical depth and emotion, but ARGH! I hate autotune! If everybody used their own voices we could filter out everybody without the talent or devotion to actually be an artist.

Sol responds:

Actually, Miley Cyrus is monotone, which means she sings with a talking voice. I never heard her work today, so I will know if she is using a vocoder, which tricks people into thinking they're autotuned.

As far as the artificial singers, no, they're actually real people singing vowels and things that can be connected into one word. Of course it's a resampler techinque, and they sing just one note. But, it does uses sythenizers to make it change pitch. Depending on the user, they an humanize it to make it sound realistic.

But, I do believe in pitch corrections depending on how many pitches they messed up. If it was like 1-3, it's fine. But if they need to fix more, then they have a problem with the singer. The singer is just being completely lazy.


2013-09-23 15:32:04

Ah, that's good to know. I believe that with enough practice, you don't need anything to synthesize the voice. Singers like Chris Cornell, Deryck Whibley, Anthony Kiedis, among others- are great examples. It's a bit of a disappointment with artists who disguise their voices with heaps of filters (is autotune a filter?) on albums, and then sound horrible when they play live. Just my seven cents..

Sol responds:

Autotune is a filter. It can be used to just give a retune effect on the voice.